Halo Light Direction


Puck is a luminary that –for its function, opening angle and luminous flux- manages to embody, in a surface piece, the performance of the classic recessed luminaries with dichroic lamps. Puck is designed to undertake general lighting functions and, moreover, given its ultra-compact format, aims to conserve discretion in those places where it is impossible to recess the appliances in the ceiling.

Puck’s minimalist presence is formally summed up in a circular piece, entirely manufactured in aluminium, with a slight rounded slant in the inner face that sets the light source back a few centimetres.

Its latest generation LED is positioned behind a spherical optical glass lens that offers a series of technical advantages in Puck lighting. By spreading the light through this lens, instead of a reflector, flux losses are drastically reduced and the efficiency between the LED’s gross flux and the luminary’s output flux is exponentially raised (increasing the real lm/w rate). Moreover, the use of refraction instead of rebound to direct the light outwards from the piece manages to extraordinarily diminish the glare and achieves light concentration at a well defined angle.

Structure Material
- Aluminum

Diffuser Material:
- Optical Glass

825 - 905